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Africa News November 19, 2013 at 03:09PM

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VENTURES AFRICA – MainOne, a telecom service and network solutions provider, has announced plans to launch a $32 million data centre in Nigeria by mid 2014, to carter for the fledging information and communication market in country.

“We’re moving away from just being the submarine cable provider to being a full service connectivity provider,” said the company’s CEO, Funke Opeke

“As you move data and connectivity, people need places to host that data, so the data center business is a natural evolution for service providers globally.”

According to her, the data centre will be located on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub, and will provide reliable internet for banks, public organizations, and emerging ecommerce businesses.

The undersea cable bandwith channelled to Nigeria has risen 26 times more than the 9-terrabits offered just four years ago, with the country aiming to increase broadband penetration to from 4 percent of its total population to 20 percent by 2018, findings by Nigerian newspaper, BusinessDay revealed.

MainOne is the first company in West Africa to launch a private submarine cable from Europe to Africa.

Recently, the Mauritius-headquartered internet provider acquired a $100 million loan from Standard Chartered Bank, First Bank, Skye Bank, and FCMB to expand its networks and refinance debt.





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