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Africa News December 12, 2013 at 06:26AM

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VENTURES AFRICA – Farmica Africa Limited, a subsidiary of TK Agra, Inc. has signed a joint venture and asset acquisition agreement with Songo Lemon Grass Group in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

According to TK Agra President, Tony Khodadad, the agreement is a “vital step in the development of Farmica Africa and its product lines.”

A statement released by the company stated that the deal will further cultivate the production of lemon grass and its byproducts, take advantage of the expertise and further utilize the expansive network and expertise of TK Agra to market the finished products.

It will also leverage on the expertise and knowhow of Songo’s Chairman Mr. Mohamed Barry who has 40 plus years of experience in the production and development of healthy and organic product. Barry will continue to bring his expertise and relationships to assist with the growing of additional crops such as green tea, papaya and coffee as well as develop additional product lines.

The agreement allows Farmica Africa to acquire Songo’s lemon grass seedlings, giving it a tremendous asset and the ability to plant in excess of over 10,000 acres of lemon grass.

Farmica Africa, a producer of lemon grass based products including tea, soap, an energy drink, insect repellant and essential oil was purchased by Sirius last month.

The company aims to be one of the leading lemon grass producers in West Africa while reducing poverty and hunger among the local population in Sierra Leone, thereby improving their socio-economic status in the country. It also plans to expand production to include other crops like turmeric, ginger, papaya, green tea, moringa and other products compatible with Sierra Leone’s climate.

Lemon grass oil has a strong lemon-like odour due to high citric content (75-90 percent) which can be used as an ingredient in toiletry products such as toilet soaps, bath salts, etc.

It is also employed in artificial lemon flavoring and in the manufacturing of ionones, which are very important for the production of artificial flavor, perfumes and soaps and as raw material for vitamin A manufacturing.




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