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Africa News January 08, 2014 at 08:29AM

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VENTURES AFRICA – State-owned Air Algeria is set to increase its domestic and international fleet by 11 aircraft, after it agreed to purchase 8 Boeing, 3 Airbus and 3 small ATR aircraft, an official government statement has confirmed.

Air Algeria already flies 17 of the Boeing 737-800 model but has placed an order for 8 more – costing a reported $724 million – in a bid to boost its business in the highly competitive North Africa, Europe and Middle East markets.

“The 737-800 continues to be the backbone of Air Algerie’s fleet. So far, we are pleased with these aircraft and anticipate receiving all eight of these new units before the end of 2016,” Mohamed Salah Boultif, CEO of Air Algerie, was quoted by International Business Times.

To consolidate its domestic market dominance, the North African airline turned to French company ATR to acquire 3 smaller planes, while it sealed a deal for 3 Airbus aircraft to increase the number of long distance flights on offer. Though the terms of the Airbus deal remain undisclosed, prices per aircraft normally hover around $216 million.


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