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Africa News January 16, 2014 at 12:11PM

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VENTURES AFRICA- Indian premier technology training company, Talentedge, (formerly known as KarROX) has signed an agreement with Linkserve Group, a Nigeria-based Internet company to boost IT education in the country, and expand into the African market.

The Master Franchise Agreement signed by both companies brings to the Nigerian market a bouquet of technology training applications that revolutionalised IT learning in India and other developing nations.

It would also allow Linkserve to open training centres and work with other sub-franchisees in order to help it increase the educational knowledge base in Nigeria for a better trained workforce.

“This partnership is in line with the company’s vision to bring to the Nigerian market quality educational training matched with the innovative spirit of Linkserve as a true IT pioneer in Nigeria,” Onyekwere said.

“Talentedge and Linkserve would help the Federal Government to improve the quality of IT education and to ensure that Nigeria truly benefits from the increased advancement in this field and from IT manpower outsourcing opportunities in the world today,” he added.

Talentedge’s pact with Linkserve Group will help change IT education in Nigeria with the introduction of affordable and quality programs for millions of students, the company’s Managing Director, Aditya Malik said, adding that the company hopes to replicate in Nigeria the “high standards of education” set in India.

Through its multiple product lines, Talentedge offers a bouquet of learning courses like individual learning programmes, campus learning programmes, corporate education programmes and government training programmes.




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