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Africa News January 17, 2014 at 12:48PM

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VENTURES AFRICA – Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) has opened an office in Libya, to enhance mobile broadband service delivery by developing its infrastructure, as the North African country embarks on a robust redevelopment programme of its telecom industry.

“The opening of this modern office marks our readiness to deliver large-scale mobile broadband rollouts in Libya,” Igor Leprince, head of the Middle East and Africa business region at Nokia Solutions and Networks told Human IPO.

“As the world’s specialist in mobile broadband, NSN will help Libyan operators provide a superior mobile broadband experience for their customers.”

It was reported that following the civil war in 2011 that ousted long standing leader Muommar Gaddafi, over $1 billion in telecom infrastructure was lost, with more than 20 percent of cell sites destroyed.

Despite the destruction, Libya still boasts one of the most developed telecom industries within Africa.

A report by telecom-focused research consultancy, BuddeComm confirmed the country’s mobile penetration stood at 109%, an unrivalled growth across the continent. It also showed that a 15-year investment budget of $10 billion has so far rolled out cutting edge technologies such as Africa’s first Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP), expansion of DSL and WiMax broadband services and new international fibre connections and upgrades.

The new regime is keen on building on the existing strongholds and as well increasing private participation in the industry, with a plan to privatize one of the three state-owned mobile networks through an IPO listing this year already in its final stages.

NSN will be looking to position itself as the leading provider of network infrastructure for mobile operators in Libya, a ploy that seems like a mutually beneficial strategy for Nokia and the country’s local operators.

“We are delighted that NSN as a global technology leader is opening a new office in Tripoli,” said Faisel Gergab, the chairman of the Libyan Post, Telecommunication and Information Technology Company (LPTIC), and representatives of Libyan telecom operators.

“This enhances the position of Libya as a technology hub, while improving knowledge transfer toward our country. NSN’s operations in Libya will greatly contribute to our mobile broadband infrastructure and the country’s development.”


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