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Africa News January 20, 2014 at 11:09AM

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VENTURES AFRICA- NSE-listed technology solution company, Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), has called for the use of grid and metering solutions to deal with consumer-related challenges like power theft, poor transmission and distribution planning as well as inefficiencies that had leads to high aggregate technical and commercial losses.

The solution, which was recently launched at the West Africa Power Industry Convention, could also be used to measure the units of power distribution transmitted to consumers.

It has already been deployed in India and is currently used in New Delhi by TATA in a project that services more than 10,000 people.

According to a statement released by the company, the technology is placed on top of poles and measures the level of power transmission from one location to the other, and the units that go out and come in.

“It knows the total power that came in and went out; so, if there is an illegal connection without a meter, it would know within two minutes and raise the alarm. It also has a full profile of customers’ units and knows at which time you have thick and little power. It can also disconnect without anybody coming from the utility company,” read the statement.

Speaking on the new development, CWG Chief Technology Officer, Mr. James Agada said the solution is unique for the distribution companies and suitable for the Nigerian environment, where power theft was rampant, as it serves as a detector for any illegal connection.

He explained that the metering and billing were the least efficiently executed tasks in the country’s power distribution sector and this has led to high aggregate technical and commercial losses of about 48 to 50 per cent.

According to him, the solution works by measuring power that is being consumed along the distribution line from the transformer to the poles and to consumers on a continuous basis at an interval of about 30 seconds or so.

“Since the distribution companies do not know how much power is consumed, it is difficult to plan for proper distribution, differentiate residential from industrial areas, ensure a proper planning and where to place transformers,” Agada explained.

Established in 2005, Computer Warehouse Group (CWG) started as a computer boxes sales firm. Today, it has grown to be a technology solution company with branches spread across Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Cameroon.



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