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Africa News January 21, 2014 at 08:56AM

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VENTURES AFRICA –Alan Clark, the CEO of SABMiller, on Tuesday said emerging market businesses, including Africa, had guided the third quarter growth of the world’s second biggest brewer.

“The combination of pricing and volume growth, particularly in Africa, Latin America and China, supported net producer revenue growth of four percent,” Clark said, referring to the third quarter.

“This was in spite of continued weakness in consumer sentiment,” he continued.

In Africa, the firm’s net producer revenue gained 8 percent during the period while total volume growth surged 6 percent.

Lager volumes in Tanzania soared 5 percent on strong growth in the “mainstream and affordable” sections.

In Zambia, lager volumes saw a 12 percent growth explosion, bolstered by an increase in obtainability and “trade buy-in” before January this year’s price increases.

SABMiller said Nigerian growth was boosted by an improvement in capacity with Trophy Lager and Hero Lager performing well.

In South Africa, revenues surged 7 percent, thanks to helpful brand mix in volume and beer growth in soft drinks.

But fresh political upheavals in Mozambique negatively impacted lager volumes there, leading to a 2 percent drop during the period under review.

In Uganda and Zimbabwe, weak economic circumstances continued during the quarter, leading to a reduction in lager volume growth.


















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