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Africa News January 23, 2014 at 02:59PM

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VENTURES AFRICA – For decades, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has enabled leaders in business, policy and academia to meet and learn from one another at events held in Davos, Switzerland and many other locations around the world. These gatherings have ensured a setting prestigieux for an exchange of ideas that have helped set the direction for solutions to critical global challenges.

Along the way, there have arrived Global Shapers and Young Global Leaders whose determination and focus have prevented them from continuous and further education. An initative has now made the realisation of an online learning platform to deliver professional leadership courses possible.

Now, with the creation of Forum Academy, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will provide a much wider audience with the opportunity to participate in a discussion addressing global, regional and industry challenges through courses created using the cutting-edge platform and tools innovated by edX..

Forum Academy is a non-profit initiative of the World Economic Forum, and we will see a new breed of leadership emerging via the educational ranks of the WEF. As a taster for success, nearly 1.8 million students have come to edX to sign up for rigorous, massive open online courses (MOOCs).

The likes of MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne, Australian National University, TUDelft, University of Toroto, Caltech, Tsinghua University are just some of the prestigious insitutions that offer MOOC’s via the edX platform.

In order to effectively achieve this , the Forum Academy will:

v catalyse an online global learning environment for continuous and certified professional development

v Create a world-class curriculum, providing cutting-edge global, regional and sectorial knowledge

v Establish a network of academic and other members to develop standards, best practices and joint certification models

The first round of courses offered will include;

  • Global Technology Leadership
  • Changing Landscape in the Arab World
  • New Vision for Agriculture
  • Automotive Industry Leadership
  • Scaling Social Innovation

The importance of the Academy cannot come at a more critical time. It also falls in line with the WEF leading the way in making accessible a platform to cater for those who can connect online and have shown and are evolving as the next “breed” of business leaders.

Critical data shows that the following areas must be covered and will be the focus of the WEF Learning Academy:


These are the areas that need expertise not only in knowledge but individuals with a passion to make the difference in particular development markets.

Further questions are being asked around the current trends facing business, social platforms and the political sphere. The interconnectedness cannot be exaggerated enough. From Bio-tech developments, finding safe shale gas exploration and extraction methods, to the abuse of technology by governments, the increased presence in the arctic bringing a trajectory of greenhouse gas under the name of science, to how multinationals are operating including their abuse of tax havens – all pinned under the umbrella of democracy – which has seen its meaning abused and pivotal role in society torn at the seams..


The WEF learning Academy most certainly as a well thought out platform – is the fundamental requirement for gearing the expertise for the development arena.




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