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Africa News January 27, 2014 at 09:40AM

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VENTURES AFRICA – MTN Nigeria has partnered with Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), a pan-African Information and Communications Technology company, to launch the MTN XaaS platform, an e-commerce solution designed for microfinance, savings and loans, cooperative and other small scale financial institutions.

The introduction of the mobile commerce platform is in line with the country’s financial sectors’ vision 2020 which aims to make financial services accessible to the banked and unbanked population in a cost effective manner.

The mobile payment solution will empower banks and Mobile Money operators to roll out innovative mobile financial services to their numerous customers via mobile telephony, one of which is the just launched MTN Yellow Diamond Account.

CWG, said it considers payment solution, which includes electronic payments, as an important aspect of its growth story in the country and that there is potential growth in the payment solutions space in the banking and finance sector in the country.

Speaking on the new initiative, Group Managing Director of CWG, Mr. Austin Okere, said the partnership with MTN would jointly create a business model that would set new paradigms for mobile commerce.

The platform would enable millions of bank and mobile network customers to make cashless payments and settlements through their mobile phones, he added.

CWG is a leading player in the banking and financial sector which considers payment solutionas an important aspect of its growth story.


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