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Africa News February 18, 2014 at 01:53PM

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VENTURES AFRICA – ELB Engineering, a South African-based construction and engineering servicing firm, has been contracted to construct two plants for Africa’s Largest iron ore producer, Kumba.

According to Kumba, the projects will involve design, handling of materials, construction of solid media separation units and the eventual assembly and commissioning of the plants.

It includes a Sishen mine tailings plant, which would be used in the recovery of iron ore from tailings that are already in existence, and Kolomela separation plants which would be used in the treatment of B-grade stockpiles.

The construction process will also involve three and two thick compartments for media separation for the Sishen and Kolomela plants respectively.

According to ELB, the iron-ore company chose the two plants that will guarantee the highest possible return within a shortest time. This is because the production of iron ore will increase by a margin of about 2-million tonnes annually without affecting the cost of mining.

Although the worth of the deal has not been declared, the JSE-listed engineering company is expected to produce fine iron ore product from materials of low grade, while maximizing production and ensuring that the cost of assets and resources invested into these projects are reduced to its barest minimum.




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