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Africa News February 18, 2014 at 12:43PM

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VENTURES AFRICA – London-based bank, Standard Chartered may invest as much as $300 million in 3 African companies this year, Peter Baird, Head of the company’s buyout unit has revealed.

Standard Chartered, which has been operating in Africa for over 150 years, said Africa is leading its global investment transactions, having invested $160 million in the continent last year.

Over $700 million has already been expended in a number of private equity deals across the continent including South Africa’s Lodestone Brands Ltd and Afrifresh Export, GZ Industries and Union Bank in Nigeria, Choppies Enterprises in Botswana and the Export Trading Group in Tanzania.

“The Africa business is booming for the bank,” Baird said, adding that the maximum amount regularly reserved for investment is about $125 million per deal.

With more global firms increasingly investing in the African market, more opportunities to access liquid capital is on offer, which will subsequently spur business growth and overall economic development.




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